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Make A Zombie Doll

February 25, 2011
by K9

zombie dollMy kids love zombies! And you just can’t find any cute and lovable zombie stuffed dolls anywhere!  luckily I have a lot of fabric scraps around the house including some old gray tee shirts and was able to convert these items into the sweetest slightly overweight zombie dolls that shouldn’t frighten your kids.

This is Bubba the redneck zombie and Joe the Businessman.  They are very soft and lovable.  They will make any zombie lovin kid happy. To order one, please check our product page for zombie dolls in stock.  Otherwise here are the instructions on how you can make one.  Have fun!

These are the supplies  you will need to make this lovable zombie:

1. Old gray tee shirt or gray fabric.

2. Felt for the blood, eyes, mouth, and hair.

3. Red, blue or purple embroidery thread for the veins and arteries of the hanging arm as well as the mouth and eyes.

4.  Black needle and thread for stitching on the felt pieces.

5.  Sewing machine for sewing the body together or you can hand stitch.

6.  Scrap fabric for clothing.

7.  Stuffing

8.  Scissors and a zombie pattern.

Zombie Pattern

Pattern for zombie doll

It’s easy to make the pattern.  You can follow my simple one shown here if you like.  Or you make up your own.  My zombie dolls are about a foot high.  Lay the fabric out and draw the outline of the pattern onto the fabric.  You will need two of the fabric parts for the front and back of the body and the arms.

Note: I have started using a sewing machine and sewing on the blood spots after cutting out the body and arm fabric pieces.  I use the zig zag stitch for added zombie effect.  It is less work than hand sewing.

After cutting out the fabric pieces, you should cut out the felt blood spots, eyes and mouth.

I pin and sew them onto the fabric pieces. You can sew embroidery thread as scary detail to the eyes and mouth.

Now you are ready to sew up the body.  Remember to turn the fabric pieces inside out.  The felt blood should be on the inside.  Use your sewing machine to sew the front and back of the zombie together.  Leave a space on the top of the head to insert your stuffing.  You will sew it up after stuffing and the hair will cover it.

Do the same with the arms.  Make sure you turn the fabric pieces inside out with the felt blood spots on the inside before sewing together.  If you want a hanging arm, cut one arm in half and sew accordingly.  Leave arm opening open for stuffing.

Turn your sewn pieces inside out and you will be ready to stuff.  I use a long paintbrush to get the stuffing into the body.  Stuff until the doll feels firm.  Sew the head up.  Stuff the arms.  Sew the arms up.  You can either hand stitch or use your sewing machine.

Use embroidery thread to create the veins and arteries of the dismembered arm that is hanging.

Now you are ready to sew the arms onto the doll.  I place the arms onto the front of the body facing out so that they reach out straight like a zombie.

I use felt to create the hair.  You will cut it according to the hairstyle that you want.  For my redneck zombie, I created a mullet.  The businessman zombie has a balding hair style.  I cut the front of the hair out and pin it onto the zombie’s head.  Then I add the back of the hair.  I usually use two pieces or one that is cut so I can cover the whole head. In the picture below, I used one piece of felt and cut into it so it will lay down in the back.

Zombie Hair

Adding the Zombie Hair

Tuck it in like a box and sew it on.

Your zombie is now ready for clothing!  I use scraps of fabric that I have and put together an outfit, depending on the type of zombie I have made.  In the photos, I used old flannel shirt material for the redneck zombie and denim for the pants.  I created the hat out of camo pants.  The business man had a white shirt from an old white dress shirt I cut up.  I used an actual tie from the goodwill to create the zombie’s tie.  And finally black material for the pants.  Since they are zombies, the clothes can be made without perfection.  You will need to cut and rip to show the blood underneath the clothing.

Use the body and arms to create clothing patterns. Get as detailed as you like.  I bought some very small white buttons for my zombie’s shirts.  I also used fabric paint for the flag on the redneck’s hat and his tattoo.  To create the hat, I made a pattern from a baseball hat that came on one of my child’s  stuffed animals.

Stuffed Zombie Doll

I used fabric paint and an old white tee shirt to create the I love Zombies tee shirt for this doll.   Adding detail to your zombie is the funnest part.  Good Luck and don’t forget that Zombies are people too!

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